About Us

The Bishop Real Estate Group, established in 2007, is a dynamic real estate team brokered by RE/MAX Gold.
We are comprised of agents with unsurpassed real estate knowledge, exceptional negotiation skills and an impeccable understanding of the market at a local, regional, and national level. With these skills, we have been able to help hundreds of buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals. Our clients appreciate our professionalism, unparalleled expertise and our consistent, organized process that we provide for each transaction and every client. Additionally, by implementing the latest technologies and establishing a strong online presence, we are able to extensively market our properties both virtually and through print media. We surpass our competition with our marketing strategy, teamwork, and vast knowledge of Placer and Sacramento Counties and the surrounding areas. Above all else, we work with the highest level of integrity while providing a truly client-centric experience for our buyers and sellers.

Over 400 Million dollars in real estate sold!  Since our founding in 2007, we have not only grown in production each year (even in a down market), but have also amassed a portfolio of nearly a half billion dollars in real estate sold in ten years.


(Benefits of working with a team)

Synergy [sin-er-jee]: n.
the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

  • 24/7 Coverage (well, almost)

  • Multiple communication lines: email, cell phones, office staff

  • More professional experience

    Over 60 years combines experience

  • Greater networking opportunities

  • Dynamic insights for best strategies

    Advice on pricing, marketing, negotiations, and compliance

  • Increased coverage

    Greater availability to our clients: showings, feedback loops, inquiries, and answered phone calls

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Giving Back

“Love equalizes people. You give because you love, you give because you respect. You give and allow the man to feel, to be honored, that is true giving.” -Osho

We have always operated with the intention of giving back to our community through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering. We support many charities and organizations throughout our area both as individuals and as a team.

In 2014, we donated a portion of our proceeds from each closed transaction to one of two local charities: The Gathering Inn and Sutter Care at Home. At the end of the year, we donated a total of $15,900.

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